(Sunday Salad #29)

Sunday SaladBandito Folk is led by singer-songwriter Josh Tuck of Brisbane. They mix folk with Radiohead with skill and taste.

Norman Palm has a unique sound which is only his, and that’s more than most musicians can hope to achieve.  read more »

Young Wonder: ‘To You’

Young Wonder To You‘To You’ by Young Wonder is essentially just one big hook.

LINKS: Young Wonder on Facebook

(via Pick Up The Headphones)

The Zolas

The ZolasThe Zolas already gave the world one great novelist (that was Émile), now two younger members of the family are trying their luck as musicians. We’ll see, but this rather minimalist, “postmodern” pop sounds more than promising.

According to their Facebook page bio, Zachary Gray is the main songwriter of the duo, but that’s really only a guess, because the text is quite ambiguous. It reads like this:

“The Zolas’ tumultuous songwriting captures the zeitgeist of being in your 20s, read more »

Low Leaf

Low LeafJudging only by her photos, Low Leaf may seem superficial with all those awkward poses she likes to strike. It’s rather childish, actually. But I guess it’s a thing that should not be taken too seriously. After all, it’s her music what matters.

And it’s quite enchanting. The very special music of Low Leaf is rooted in jazz, and watered with the sound effects of electronica. The end result is a controlled chaos where almost every little bit of sound is treated in a unique and creative way.  read more »

(Sunday Salad #28)

Follow-ups, flashbacks, rarities & oddities

Sunday SaladThe Jungle Giants are pleasant, aren’t they. (via Music From Go to Whoa)

Mic Raygun is sort of an enigma, with a chance of becoming a full-blown mystery someday.

read more »

(Sunday Salad #27)

Follow-ups, flashbacks, rarities & oddities

Sunday SaladThis is simply stunning. ‘Lighthouse’ by Carter Behnke.

Another great song by Ghost Lights.

This is just an earful of feel-good music, the good kind. Wild Cub, led by singer-songwriter Keegan DeWitt, is just about to make a splash. (via AudioCredread more »

Keaton Henson and SoKo

Keaton Henson and SoKoIf Keaton Henson and SoKo were a little more famous, this year would have been all about their doomed relationship and crippling breakup in the tabloids everywhere. Being relatively little-known, their very public dialog went mostly unnoticed.

Initially, I thought it was some kind of weird indie publicity stunt. The whole story seemed too emotionally charged to be true. People don’t discuss their innermost feelings for each other in front of an audience. Or at least not so openly. But it looks like Keaton Henson and SoKo are doing it for real. read more »

Dear Reader covers ‘Mercy Street’

I don’t normally post covers, but this one has to be the exception. This is my favorite song sung by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Cherilyn MacNeil a.k.a. Dear Reader. ‘Mercy Street’ by Peter Gabriel.

And yeah, it’s because of Movember!

(Sunday Salad #26)

Follow-ups, flashbacks, rarities & oddities

Sunday SaladInca Gold is supposed to be a band, but their(?) latest post says “you can now pre-order my fourth album”, so I guess it must be a solo project at its core, after all. (via Indie Rock Reviews)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Memory Tapes is Dayve Hawk, set out to make a dreamy synthpop track, but ended up with something much more interesting. (via Birds Need Feetread more »

New Björk video ‘Mutual Core’

Björk is arguably nuts but I have enormous respect for her.

(Sunday Salad #25)

Follow-ups, flashbacks, rarities & oddities

Sunday SaladToday I’m posting 7 songs that landed in my dropbox recently.

It’s two months late but never mind. Annie Dressner sings ever so slightly flat almost constantly, but that’s not a flaw, because it actually adds character in her case. I like it.

A sweet lo-fi demo from Mary Anna Doe with the most fun arrangement I’ve heard in a long time.  read more »