(Sunday Salad #28)

Follow-ups, flashbacks, rarities & oddities

Sunday SaladThe Jungle Giants are pleasant, aren’t they. (via Music From Go to Whoa)

Mic Raygun is sort of an enigma, with a chance of becoming a full-blown mystery someday.

Last time I likened Wayne Tomsett‘s voice to Brian Molko and Tracy Chapman, now he evokes Robert Smith. It makes me wonder, but I like it.

Songwriter Brian Ferguson and his band Hello Caller make music that’s about 20 years too late, but on the other hand I’m really glad it’s finally here.

This song by Joshua Jesty is the good kind of cute. (FYI, Hello Kitty is the bad kind.)

One could argue it’s impossible to be soft and fragile at the same time, but De’Borah‘s voice is just that.

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