(Sunday Salad #25)

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Sunday SaladToday I’m posting 7 songs that landed in my dropbox recently.

It’s two months late but never mind. Annie Dressner sings ever so slightly flat almost constantly, but that’s not a flaw, because it actually adds character in her case. I like it.

A sweet lo-fi demo from Mary Anna Doe with the most fun arrangement I’ve heard in a long time. 

A really raw demo by Millia Oz. In fact, it’s the soundtrack of a simple YouTube video of her singing it in some living room. It’s all very basic but for some reason I’m sold. (You can watch it on her website.)

And now for something completely different. YUS wrote 7.5 lines of lyrics and sang them over an atmospheric electronic music strongly influenced by the 90s. Lo and behold, a song is born!

Broken Boat are a British duo from Hertfordshire. The most admirable thing about their gentle music is probably its sincerity. It’s 100% pure, no additives.

Folk meets jazz. Ghost Lights is Noah Cebuliak. His clever music reminds me of Sting’s quieter songs.

Finally, a rebel with a ukulele. Kasko Lunsford a.k.a. Scott Stutzman is obsessed with the end of the world, as in he describes different visions of it with great joy. This is an especially heartwarming one.

Thank you, everyone! Keep them coming!

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