The Zolas

The ZolasThe Zolas already gave the world one great novelist (that was Émile), now two younger members of the family are trying their luck as musicians. We’ll see, but this rather minimalist, “postmodern” pop sounds more than promising.

According to their Facebook page bio, Zachary Gray is the main songwriter of the duo, but that’s really only a guess, because the text is quite ambiguous. It reads like this:

“The Zolas’ tumultuous songwriting captures the zeitgeist of being in your 20s, on the cusp of youth and real adulthood. In each song Gray builds a skeleton of a setting – from outer space to a college library to a Victorian jail cell – and tells stories fleshed out with the listener’s own history.”

Maybe not the easiest stuff to understand, but certainly impressive. (Mad writing skills are in their genes for sure.) Anyway, their second album ‘Ancient Mars‘ was published about a month ago. If you like these two songs below, give the rest a chance, too.

LINKS: | The Zolas on Facebook

(via Here Comes The Flood)

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