Low Leaf

Low LeafJudging only by her photos, Low Leaf may seem superficial with all those awkward poses she likes to strike. It’s rather childish, actually. But I guess it’s a thing that should not be taken too seriously. After all, it’s her music what matters.

And it’s quite enchanting. The very special music of Low Leaf is rooted in jazz, and watered with the sound effects of electronica. The end result is a controlled chaos where almost every little bit of sound is treated in a unique and creative way. 

Glitched harps and pitched vocals fill the imaginary spaces of warped reverbs and delays. The chord progressions are also often unusual, not to mention the bold dissonances she allows.

These, too, are poses, of course. But, in contrast with the frozen pictures, these move in space and time, following one another, and ultimately evolving into a dazzling dance of sound and rhythm. It’s like Björk meeting Joanna Newsom (and they are happy to meet.)

Low Leaf has just released a 7-track album on Bandcamp, named ‘Alchemizing Dawn‘. Don’t let her spelling distract you, ’cause there’s good music behind the goofy titles.

LINKS: Low Leaf on Facebook | Low Leaf on Tumblr

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