((Lo-Fi) Sunday Salad #21)

(Lo-fi) follow-ups, flashbacks, rarities & oddities

Sunday Salad Lo-FiI haven’t had enough lo-fi recently, so I decided to dedicate today’s salad entirely to this phenomenon. Of course, this is still about singers and songs, so don’t worry. Plus, this list is going to be longer than usual.

Teen Suicide is all about the infamous angst of the age in the name. Amazing how that and lo-fi go together so well. (via Ad Hoc)

flatsound is a huge favorite of mine. Here’s another song by him, enjoy!

I guess this is how a pop song should sound in 2012. (Or is it simply timeless?) Reminds me a bit of M83, but Observer Drift is lo(wer)-fi, which I like.

Connie Converse must be alive. If anyone sees her tell her I miss her. Thanks.

This is dream folk, folks. The Range of Light Wilderness.

And this is (dream) punk-folk. Made-up genres don’t mean much anyway. The Soft Walls is the solo project of Dan Reeves. (via HEY)

Nicolas Falcon from Milan likes The Beatles, and I welcome that kind of directness in his recordings.

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We Are Trees breathe noise. (via Turntable Kitchen)

Tenement‘s music is surreal and a bit abstract at the same time. I wish there was a track like this at least once in a year featured in the Billboard Top 100. Well, I keep on dreaming…

Dusted proves that falsetto can sound good in a lo-fi arrangement as well. (via Another Dying Artform)

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