Tessa Rose Jackson

Tessa Rose JacksonMy recommendation for today is the glorious, all-natural acoustic pop music of Tessa Rose Jackson, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter born and living in Amsterdam. “She emigrated at 15 to take up a place at the BRIT School in London, where singers like Adele and Kate Nash also learned their craft,” as she states in her short bio on her webpage

‘Change Time’ was recently licensed by IKEA to be used in a television commercial aired in Germany. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe they found her songs on Bandcamp by pure chance (it’s more than good enough for that), or she used her connections in the music industry that she probably had built while attending that prestigious school. These are just guesses, of course, but whatever is the case, she seems to be off to a really good start in her career.

LINKS: tessarosejackson.com | Tessa on Facebook

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