Sea Lion

Sea LionSea Lion is Linn Osterberg from Gothenburg, Sweden. She describes her musical act very cryptically. Here’s the first sentence: “From the depths of the deep, murky blue arises an ethereal beauty challenging the injustices and blandness of life’s inflections.” 

Actual sea lions are not known for their ethereal beauty, and the mythical one may be in the top 5 ugliest chimeras ever invented, so my guess is that the name has nothing to do with either. It seems that Linn has an obsession with fairy tales AND a sense of humor, which is a rare combination.

Speaking of her music, there are two thing I find curious. She sing mostly about America and Americans, and she does it in an extremely childlike tone. So much so, that I can’t imagine it being close to her normal speaking voice. This makes her stand out from the huge crowd of singer-songwriters who accompany themselves on the guitar in a traditional fashion. (Not unlike The Tallest Man On Earth, another Swedish singer famous for his unique singing style.)

Her last album ‘Guns of Alaska’* is out now. Below you can listen to three tracks from it. I think her music is well worth your time and probably your money too.

* America, again!

LINKS: Sea Lion on Facebook | Guns of Alaska on iTunes

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