Astronauts Etc.

Astronauts, Etc.Astronauts Etc. is Anthony Ferraro from Berkeley. He just released his debut EP titled ‘Supermelodic Pulp.’

The music he makes clearly belongs to the so-called dream pop genre. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he actually write these songs in his sleep. His arrangements sound so huge and spacey, his vocals so ethereal, that it makes me wonder if there isn’t a hint of parody in the act.

But as long as it works I don’t really care. I’ll be the last who tries to intellectualize dream pop. Because you can’t, you just listen to it and switch off for a while and that’s it.

This is good music.

LINKS: Astronauts Etc. on Bandcamp | Astronauts Etc. on Facebook

(via Mixtape Maestro)

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