Sunday Salad

(Sunday Salad #16)

Follow-ups, flash­backs, rar­i­ties & oddities

Sunday SaladFirst, who are these Sr. Sly guys? The voice sounds familiar..

We stay up-tempo with Mesita. The fine details of the sound­scape change con­stantly as if being sub­ject to quan­tum mechanics.

Years and Years cre­ates a strange but appeal­ing hybrid of The xx’s bed­room pop, RnB and indie rock. (via Indie Is Not A Genre)

Derek Clegg mar­ries weird synth to banjo, and it’s a happy couple.

I’m a big fan of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, so I’m always happy when I hear some­body build­ing on their styl­is­tic achieve­ments. I don’t know if he’s aware of it, but Talley Summerlin does it well.

It’s a waltz from Dublin by Peter Doran, who can tame storms with his voice, I imagine.

Finally, a very fresh track from my favorite lo-fi folk drunk (since Tom Waits), Philos Moore. And the birds.

  • Talley Summerlin

    Grg Byny — many thanks for shar­ing my song “Queen’s Drone” with your lis­ten­ers. Other than mak­ing more music and send­ing it your way, please let me know if there’s any­thing I can do for you to fur­ther say “much appre­ci­ated!” Keep spread­ing the goodness.

    • Greg Bayney

      Thank you for the music!