Lucy Rose

Lucy RoseI know that nobody really cares who reminds who of who, but this might be interesting. Or not. Anyway, Lucy Rose reminds me of Sting. Maybe it’s the drum patterns. Or a riff. Maybe the blond hair, although that would be stretching it too much.

Whatever. She’s a singer-songwriter from London. She makes tougher music than what her name would suggest. Wait, is this her real name?… Almost, it’s actually Lucy Rose Parton. Well, her music definitely doesn’t sound like anything made by a L.R. Parton. Lucy Rose is better then.

I guess I’m rambling, but I blame her songs for putting me in a good mood. They are uplifting without being silly, and that’s something. I really like the elaborate structures she builds while still staying within the comfy boundaries of pop-rock. I can’t imagine her leading the next music revolution; to me, she’s more of a refiner, someone who takes existing things to the next level.

Recently, she released a fun new video for ‘Bikes’, a new single probably from the upcoming debut LP. Watch it below!


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