(Sunday Salad #15)

Follow-ups, flashbacks, rarities & oddities

Sunday SaladLet’s have another song by Matt Sheehy from his solo LP before Lost Lander.

Johanna Kunin is Portland’s Bright Archer.

El Perro Del Mar of Sweden somehow reminds me of Roxy Music. (via Nialler9)

A true pop song by Hannah Georgas, it’s the perfect soundtrack for driving fast on a highway.

Weird! Lo-fi! Out of tune! I like Atom Orr, whatever it is. (It’s Christopher Hoffee.)

Is this singer-songwriter stuff? I’m not sure, but whoever is managing the SoundCloud account of TRAILS AND WAYS, dropped it into my dropbox, and they must know, right? Regardless, I’m happy to include it.

Finally, listen to Mount Eerie creating an unique soundscape. (via We Listen For You)

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