(Sunday Salad #10)

Follow-ups, flashbacks, rarities & oddities

Sunday SaladHannah Georgas is another singer-songwriter who started blending a fair amount of electronica into her music, and she did it quite successfully. (via Indie Music Filter)

Sean Rowe‘s deep brassy voice leads a raging rhythm section in this powerful song.

I’m gonna have to find a way to end my obsession with his moonstruck music, but until that’s happened here’s a new track by Darius Greene. It’s hapsicore, he says.

It’s an odd-one-out but Menomena has it’s place on this blog, I’ll explain someday. (via hear ya)

A beautiful old-school ballad by Field Report a.k.a. Chris Porterfield (via Slowcoustic)

Finally, another great song from JBM‘s last album. (via The Mad Mackerel)

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  • oliver
    July 24, 2012 - 6:14 pm | Permalink

    nice mix

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