Interview with Chuck Morgan

Chuck MorganI’ve tried a new thing. I’ve conducted a brief, informal interview by email with Chuck Morgan. I’m not sure if I’m any good at this, but I thought it would be interesting anyway. So I’ve sent him a couple of vague questions, and here’s the result. And to top it off, he also sent me a brand new song ‘Entangled In Care’ to share with you. I’ve embedded it at the end of the post. Thank you, Chuck!

It seems to me that you’re experimenting with somewhat different styles on each release. What drives this evolution?

Sometimes I change my method because I’ve gotten tired of doing things in a certain way, and other times I don’t notice, until looking back, that there has been some kind of evolution. I don’t think I make any radical changes though. The songs are, and have always been, centered around my voice and lyrics.

Maybe the main reason for changing things a bit is that I need to feel, when working on a tune, that it’s not certain what direction the process will take. It gives me a sensation of being present, and too much routine threatens that.

Your last EP was published by Aaahh Records, a German netlabel. What is the next step?

I don’t know what the next step is apart from writing more songs. Doing live performances more frequently, maybe. Some day I’d like to release a physical full-length record and do some touring, that’s what I hope for.

How do you achieve that characteristic lo-fi sound? What’s the story behind it?

The simple answer is that, though I’m very picky when it comes to songwriting, I’m generally lazy when recording. Also, some people seem to have a hard time enjoying a song if it’s slightly lo-fi, but for me it’s the other way around. Especially when I was younger, too well produced music often turned me off. I don’t think there’s a neutral way of recording, it’s always aesthetic and thus has to fit with the rest of the work. I think that’s partly why I have kept doing things the way I do.

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