The place where those amazing sounds came from.

DIY musicmaker from California, flatsound is a bedroom/bathroom singer-songwriter of the purest kind.

To be honest, I often find musicians like him quite annoying. Maybe that’s because I know too many. Most of them share the same old story. In their late teens they had a moment of serendipity while fooling around with cheap recording equipment, sitting amidst mementos of childhood, when they finally managed to produce the first song of their own that sounded surprisingly good to them.

Never mind it was most probably just a carbon copy of an iconic track they adored. From that moment on, they knew how to make music. They’ve never learnt to play an instrument properly, to sing using their own adult voice or to write lyrics that actually mean something. Yet, they think they are the epitome of authenticity, and will advise anyone on how to be like them, without being asked.

Judging by his new LP ‘sleep‘, Mitch Welling is a glowing exception. His music is without any direct showiness, yet never boring. What he stumbled upon back then at that particular moment must have been his true self, I guess. Lucky boy. His songs bleed sincerity. At the same time, it’s all a very conscious act. For all you whiners and moaners, here’s the example how to do it right.

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