The Antlers: ‘Drift Dive’

The AntlersPeter Silberman, frontman of The Antlers came off as a seriously heartbroken guy on the last two releases. On ‘Hospice’ (a strict concept album) he told the story of a doomed romance between a terminally ill girl and her desperate caretaker. The next one, ‘Burst Apart’ was a collection of songs about similarly depressing themes.

This new single ‘Drift Dive’ from their upcoming EP ‘Undersea’ is, however, quite uplifting in comparison. It’s still not feel-good music (“The planet drowns in a hundred days, | Dissolving into a million pieces in a billion places.”) but at least not overtly traumatic. Not that I had any problem with that, it’s just nice to know there is a brighter side too. Silberman’s voice sounds more soothing than ever, the whole song feels like a soundtrack for a dream. One that we wouldn’t mind dreaming.

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