Levi Weaver

Levi WeaverI’m amazed by the fact that apparently nobody yet blogged about Levi Weaver. His music is so diverse sonically and stylistically that I’d think anybody could find something to like about it.

Anyway, last year he released a very ambitious concept album titled ‘The Letters of Dr. Kurt Gödel‘. Yes, it sounds intimidating, but actually this music is quite easy to get into. I’m tempted to embed the whole album here, because it really works as a whole, but these songs can stand on their own, so four should be enough for a taste.

If you like what you hear here, you should definitely play the album from start to finish in one sitting, it’s a rewarding experience. But don’t expect it to work as background. I’m having a hard time finishing this short post because I still constantly have to stop and listen, even though it’s the 3rd time today.

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