The Robbers Ball

The Robbers BallI know nothing about The Robbers Ball, so I’m going to guess a lot in this post. I admit I was too lazy to ask questions, but I figured I’d get corrected eventually if I’m wrong about something. Besides, I like the “mystery” about this act.

They claim to be a record label, but the track that was dropped in my dropbox came without any information on who wrote and performed it, so I assume that there must be a band or a solo project named The Robbers Ball too. The only bit that’s somewhat certain is that they are from New York.

The singing sometimes reminds me of The Antlers minus the dark gloom. Everything is drenched in wide echoes and padded with a huge amount of synthetic sounds, but there’s nothing ostentatious here. These are playful little pop songs to make you feel good, that’s all and that’s enough.

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  • Matt
    June 14, 2012 - 3:19 am | Permalink

    love the first track!

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