BryynThere’s this guy Bryyn (real name Bryn Martin), an American liv­ing in Switzerland who makes “expat indiefolk” as he calls it. Although he’s a bit blurry in this pic­ture, his most char­ac­ter­is­tic super­fi­cial fea­tures (blond hair and silly col­or­ful glasses) are well vis­i­ble. Whatever, I liked the photo. The girl, I think, is I’ve been told, isn’t his wife and col­lab­o­ra­tor Rachelle, but Julia Kotowski a.k.a. Entertainment For The Braindead, singer-songwriter and mas­ter commenter.

I guess they’re in the process of record­ing another song, and they are quite right. He writes sweet mel­low gui­tar music spiced with a taste­ful amount of hip­ster­ish elec­tron­ica. It sounds very American but still dis­tinct enough so we know, this time it’s the Alps instead of the Rocky Mountain.

  • Carmen Champagne

    I like this a lot.  Thanks for posting.

  • Julia

    hehe.. the girl on the pic­ture is his col­lab­o­ra­tor and definitely-not-wife Julia aka. enter­tain­ment for the brain­dead, in a barn in Denmark where aaahh records led them.

    • Greg Bayney

      Thanks for cor­rect­ing me!

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