Deep Sea Diver (the other one)

Deep Sea DiverThey will have a problem soon. There are two acts named Deep Sea Diver (I already wrote a post about the other). They are equally (not) famous (yet), give or take a fan or two, and both make really good music, although very different kinds. I think one of them will have to change their name eventually.

So, this one is actually a band led by the wonderful Jessica Dobson of Seattle. She writes crafty, mostly piano-based pop songs, and performs them with refreshing rawness in her voice as well as in her attitude.

Her minions do fine work too, especially the rhythm section. The groove under the verses of ‘NWO’ is one of the best I’ve ever heard outside the realm of jazz.

And finally, here’s a little fun poll, why not:

Which Deep Sea Diver should change their name?

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