Broken Fences

Broken FencesMorgan Erina and Guy Russo are Broken Fences, based in Pittsburgh, PA. They write and perform their delicate songs together.

Their new single ‘Song for You’ is beautiful from every angle. These two voices sound perfect together. More than that, they sound inseparable. The lush arrangement that gradually unfolds as the track progresses, is the glue that holds them together.

The song itself is pretty simple at its core, but it’s not easy to write simple songs. It’s about meaning.

In a long, elaborate speech, you can hide as many empty phrases as you want, you’ll be even praised for your clever rhetoric. But if you have to sum it up into one sentence, the same audience will boo you off the stage unless it has real substance. For similar reasons, a simple song has to be profound and 100% honest to be considered truly great.

Just like this one.

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