Dear Reader

Dear ReaderDear Reader is the solo project of Cherilyn MacNeil from Johannesburg, South Africa. She now resides in Berlin.

This song is an unreleased bonus track from her album ‘Idealistic Animals’. Imagine how good those songs that made it onto the tracklist must be! Well, in a perfect world… but I’ll check them out hoping for the very best.

Cherilyn sounds cheerfully pathetic in a good way, as in stark contrast with too many female singers who sound pathetically cheerful these days (let’s not list names). Her attitude is refreshing.

Furthermore, she’s a great songwriter who’s not afraid to use the rest, the bolder the better. When the music stops for a second, the air fills with anticipation of the next section. It’s a sadly underused effect these days. There’s no other way to really hear silence than in the middle of a great song. She creates thick silences.

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