Fiona Apple’s new single
“Every Single Night”

Fiona Apple: "Every Single Night"
Fiona Apple’s “Every Single Night” got such a peculiar cover art.

Fiona Apple is back! One of those rare singer-songwriters who are able to express the full spectrum of human emotions through their voices and words.

Compare this new song “Every Single Night” to any other by (the undeniably wonderful) Regina Spektor for example. It’s like Van Gogh vs. Cézanne: both are great, but viewing side by side you have to admit that Vincent’s work is much more personal, honest and thus probably more driven.

Some might (and will) say that Fiona Apple is crazy. I don’t think so but if she is it’s certainly an advantage in this case. For me, she is a real hero. I’m really looking forward to her new album.

“Every single night / I endure the flight / of little wings of white-flamed / Butterflies in my brain”

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