Quiet Rebellion

I swear it’s just a coincidence. Or not… Anyway, I’ve found Shaun T Hunter‘s music just after I registered the domain name for this blog.

Fragment from his bio:

“Having followed the tried, and tested route of learning songs by his favourite artists on guitar at an early age, Shaun progressed through the Indie band scene of the 90’s, before taking the brave step of going solo in the 2000’s, and releasing a series of highly acclaimed and unique albums.

Now, in the form of ‘Still Talking Scribble’ Shaun has released his most honest work to date as it takes us on a journey from the darkest corners of the mind, to the deepest recesses of the soul.”

Now, for me that last half sentence offers a pretty good insight into the mind of a true singer-songwriter. The songs won’t let you down either.

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